For style, defer to the Chicago Manual of Style unless othewise noted.


  • If a quote ends a sentence (but the entire sentence is not the quote), the sentence-ending punctuation should be outside the quote.

  • The ° character used to indicate HTML links and anchors should be placed following punctuation assocated with the link text. In other words, punctuation such as commas or periods should be part of the link text.


  • When referring to a library by name, it should be formatted as text. If a library name happens to be the same as its namespace or module, references to the namespace, such as when used as a prefix to a function, it should be formatted as code.

Spelling conventions

  • front end (as a noun, not frontend)
  • front-end (as an adjective)
  • PostgreSQL (not Postgres)
  • repl (not REPL)
  • Unix (not UNIX)
  • Unix time (not Unix timestamp or Unix epoch)

References to projects and libraries should be capitalized.


Post titles should be title case.