September 1996 - June 1997

  • Northwestern University – Evanston, Illinois
  • Graduate student, Biomedical Engineering Department

September 1992 - June 1996

  • Northwestern University – Evanston, Illinois
  • Robert R. McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science
  • Earned Bachelor of Science, Biomedical Engineering, June 1996.
  • Minor in Philosophy, June 1996

Coursework detail

  • Biomedical Engineering
    • Systems Physiology, Biomechanics, Systems Analysis.
  • Basic Engineering
    • Statics, Dynamics, Mechanics of Materials, Fluid Dynamics, Thermodynamics.
  • Basic Science
    • Physics, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Molecular Biology.
  • Philosophy
    • Logic, History of Philosophy, Science in Human Culture,
    • Advanced Topics in Philosophy of Natural Science.


January 2016 - present

  • Ourware – New Hope, Pennsylvania
  • Developing web application to help people with depression track their behavior and share this with friends and support network
  • Accomplishments
    • Built and deployed full-stack application on AWS.

November 2007 - January 2016

  • MeetMe – New Hope, Pennsylvania
  • Senior Data Architect
  • Managed PostgreSQL infrastructure, designed database schema, developed database API
  • Grew database cluster from 2 database instances to over 30
  • Reduced development-time bugs through unit testing
  • Increased cluster-wide uptime by increasing database instance independence and scripted database management
  • Lead architects on-call team leading to measurable decreases in on-call page incidents.
  • Streamlined legal request data management process reducing DBA hours from 80 hours per month to less than one hour per month.
  • Implemented data migration process from MySQL to PostgreSQL following acquisition of MyYearbook by Quepasa.

April 2007 - November 2007

  • Syncapacity – Alexandria, Minnesota
  • Self-owned and operated web application and consulting business. Specialize in Ruby on Rails standards-compliant design.

December 2004 - March 2007

  • Struggling Artists International – Tokyo, Japan
  • Administered mail, DNS, web, and database servers and Ethernet network for a small translation company.
  • Provided general IT support for staff of seven. Edited and proofread English copy.
  • Introduced Twiki wiki as common documentation tool for general staff use.
  • Introduced use of Subversion version control management software to consolidate server configuration files, custom-written maintenance scripts, and website documents.
  • Improved DNS configuration to provide consistent views of servers inside and outside of the company LAN.
  • Wrote Perl scripts for convenient management of heterogeneous mailing list and web servers.
  • Developed easy-to-use web interfaces for various tools such as mailing list and project management website creation.
  • Performed in-depth analysis of workflow of a monthly magazine, the company’s largest ongoing production project, with the goal to streamline and consolidate web and print production.
  • Designed and implemented a PostgreSQL and Perl system to aid in consolidating, normalizing, and transferring contact information between two independent systems.
  • Wrote extensive documentation for administration of company systems.

June 2001 - December 2004

  • GEOS Textbook Research & Development – Tokushima and Tokyo, Japan

  • Wrote, edited, and proofread course materials for English as a Foreign Language curriculum for Japanese learners as well as supplementary materials for self-study. Provided training in course materials for teachers throughout Japan.

  • Led twice-yearly Self-Study Focus promotional campaign, which included creating and designing bilingual (Japanese/English) promotional materials and setting and consistently achieving sales targets.
  • Created bilingual financial documents for department, recognized by the company president and CEO as being key in increasing involvement of non-Japanese staff.
  • Designed and implemented an internal bilingual (Japanese/English) website, allowing all schools in the GEOS system to access the most up-to-date information and directly download materials. Used Movable Type and custom PHP code backed by a PostgreSQL database. This was the first web-based information distribution system for the company.

April 1999 - June 2001

  • Higashi Kansai GEOS Corporation – Osaka, Japan

  • Taught conversational English in an English as a Foreign Language environment to Japanese learners aged 7 through 79. Was responsible for preparing classes for a range of English ability levels and class sizes, tracking student improvement, and providing student counseling, as well as ensuring student contract renewals.

November 1997 - April 1999

  • Kibun Foods (USA), Inc. – Seattle, Washington

  • Assisted in the coordination of shipments and prepared documentation for agricultural product exports to Japan, as well as performed clerical duties for a US subsidiary of Kibun Foods.

Skills and technologies

  • Comfortable and proficient with Mac OS X from both GUI and command line.
  • Experience administering Apache webservers and Communigate Pro mail servers, including initial installation and configuration.
  • Experience using SCM tools such as Subversion and CVS.
  • Experience with PostgreSQL, programming in PG/pgSQL, and familiarity with using EXPLAIN ANALYZE for query tuning. Strong schema normalization skills. Understanding of the differences between relational theory and its application in SQL. Have submitted documentation and source code patches which have been committed to the PostgreSQL source distribution.
  • Skilled and competent with Adobe InDesign. Familiar with Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.